1304: Henry Hazlitt – The Neglect of Thinking

Every man knows there are evils in the world which need setting right… to most men one in particular stands out vividly… it stands out with such startling vividness that they lose sight of other evils. To the Socialist this evil is the capitalistic system; to the feminist, it is the subjection of women; to the clergyman, it is the decline of religion; to the staunch Republican it is the Democratic Party, and so on, ad infinitum. I, too, have a pet little evil, to which I am apt to attribute all the others. This evil is the neglect of thinking. And when I say thinking I mean real thinking, independent thinking, hard thinking. —Henry HazlittDownload Print Quality (6014×7680) 718KB  |  Normal Quality (3007×3840) 646KB
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